Spinach, a new species added to the Vilmorin-Mikado range, with the acquisition of AdvanSeed


Vilmorin - Mikado and Limagrain (through its holding company Vilmorin & Cie) are pleased to announce the acquisition of AdvanSeed ApS. Its recognized expertise in the creation of spinach varieties serves to reinforce Vilmorin - Mikado's global position in the leafy vegetables market.


Established in 2005 by Erling HEGELUND, breeder, and Cecilia CERDA, agronomist, the company AdvanSeed has developed an international network of distributors, and long - term relationships with clients and customers across 23 countries. Its portfolio includes a range of varieties of hybrid spinach and other leafy vegetables (shoot types such as wild arugula, kale, red veined beetroot or amaranth). In 2017 - 2018, AdvanSeed thus generated a turnover of around 3 million euros.



Fulla F1, hybrid spinach, one of the most highly appreciated AdvanSeed varieties


“Vilmorin - Mikado has taken a decisive leap forward in developing its offering of leafy vegetables with the integration of this new species. The Spinach line therefore serves to reinforce our position as a major world player in this market," explains Catherine Moulenat, Head of the Marketing Group for Leafy Vegetables." This new species enables us to effectively position our range in the Asian market, particularly in China, which accounts for 85% of the fresh spinach market in terms of area under cultivation.


"In joining the Vilmorin - Mikado teams as of 1 August 2018, AdvanSeed's team of 5 bring their collective know - how and expertise to be shared with all departments within the company," reiterates Rodolphe Millet, Chief Executive Officer of Vilmorin - Mikado. The company's breeding station, based in Odense (Denmark), is geographically ideally suited to the research and production of new spinach varieties. Its location making it the northernmost among Vilmorin - Mikado stations, it offers unique new climatic conditions and opportunities for the creation of novel varieties.




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